An update to the Overwatch League website revealed the new map pool for Overwatch League Stage 4.

The new map pool not only replaces the selection of maps that Overwatch League players play on, but it also changed the order of the games played. The order of game modes for each match is now hybrid, assault, control and escort. 


  • King's Row
  • Blizzard World


  • ​Horizon Lunar Colony
  • Hanamura


  • Oasis
  • Lijiang Tower


  • Dorado
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Overwatch League Stage 4 begins on ​May 16, following the end of Stage 3. Not only will the new changes in maps and scenery make for interesting games, but Stage 4 marks ​Brigitte's official debut into the Overwatch League. 

Games are not played on current patches, meaning Stage 3 is still played on a patch with the ​over-buffed Sombra. Fans can expected more relevant gameplay in Stage 4 once it begins.

Overwatch's newest map, Rialto, most likely will not debut until Season 2. The map recently went live on Public Test Region servers.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard