​​Hanzo's rework went live on the Overwatch Public Test Region last Thursday, and fans who spent time playing on the PTR noticed one of his new abilities allows him to make a jump that would be otherwise fatal.

A Reddit user realized Lunge can be used underneath the map of King's Row, near the defender's spawn at the last point. The player jumps underneath the map and uses Hanzo's new ability, Lunge, to propel Hanzo horizontally towards a part of the map that he could then Wall Climb. 

This trick is good to keep in mind if Hanzo needs a speedy getaway from enemies. He will be on a different side of the map, far from harm.

Hanzo's Lunge was ​partially tweaked in a recent patch for the PTR. "We’ve also made a change to Hanzo’s lunge ability so if you use it and then wall climb within a tiny window of time, it wont consume the cooldown," Overwatch developer Geoff Goodman said.

The rework is expected to go live in the next couple of weeks after more testing.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard 

Clip courtesy of Xenistro.