Ranking All Overwatch Reworks From Worst to Best

A handful of Overwatch heroes received reworks in the two years since the game's launch, and the list continues to grow. Here's a ranking of the seven heroes that received reworks from worst to best.

7. Symmetra

Symmetra received a rework a few months after the launch of the game. Although the rework aimed to make her more of an asset to the team, her spot in the game has not improved. Symmetra will receive her second rework in the coming months and leave the support hero category to join the defense category.

6. Bastion

Bastion's changes aren't as large as other heroes on this list, but the added ability to move around while using Self-Repair is crucial. Being able to move around while healing allows Bastion to move out of harm's way instead of attempting to heal through it. It's a good change, but it is far from the best rework.

5. Roadhog

Like Bastion, Roadhog's rework allows the hero the move around while self-healing with Take a Breather, something the hero was previously unable to do. He was given a damage reduction of 50 percent while using the ability, increasing his survivability. It was a change he sorely needed.

4. D.Va

D.Va received a new ability called Micro Missiles. She can shoot out multiple missiles at a target that can be paired with her Boosters or used alone. Her Defense Matrix was ultimately sacrificed for a more aggressive output, but it worked in her favor.

3. Reaper

Fans who played Overwatch when it first released might remember picking Reaper and running around the objective to pick up health orbs that hovered over the bodies of dead enemies. Now, Reaper's passive, The Reaping, automatically turns 20 percent of damage done to heroes into health. This rework helped Reaper's survivability out tremendously. 

2. Hanzo

Hanzo's rework was long overdue, but Blizzard delivered once it went live on the Public Test Region. The rework removed Scatter Arrow, an ability that eliminated enemies based mostly off of luck instead of aim, and replaced it with Storm Arrows. Lunge, Hanzo's other new ability, proved to be very useful when used on maps, too.

1. Mercy

Unsurprisingly, Mercy's rework the best rework in all of Overwatch. The removal of her Resurrect ultimate brought on a new ultimate called Valkyrie, bumping Resurrect to a regular ability. It encouraged more teamwork-centered gameplay by Mercy players. Although Blizzard continued to fine-tune her new ultimate for a few months, she is in a much better place than she was before. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard