Riot Games has responded to the League of Legends community's concerns about the ​proposed changes to the jungle for Patch 8.10, and it is not budging on its plans. It does, however, plan to thoroughly test all of the jungle changes it has planned.

According to Richard Henkel, product lead at Riot Games, Riot is going to be testing some of the things it wants to change about the jungle, like encouraging pathing variety, reducing early laning pressure from junglers, and increasing the number of jungler-vs-jungler interactions in the early game.

Riot Games is determined to reduce "early lane pressure from junglers," and that is something that it won't compromise on. 

In the current state of League of Legends, junglers run rampant early game, and have the power to aggressively change the game right from the beginning. Riot Games wants to reduce the power of junglers in the early game, but it hasn't revealed how exactly it plans to do that yet. Perhaps it will increase the spawn rate of jungle camps, encouraging junglers to farm more or risk falling behind.

On Tuesday, Henkel claims that the jungle changes should come to the League of Legends PBE. Here are ​four junglers who will benefit from the League of Legends Patch 8.10 jungle changes. In other League of Legends news, ​Looper has retired, and ​Riot Games has released another comic.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games