Overwatch streamer, Rudeism has created a fully functional Lucio glove controller to play with. Rudeism is well known for the creative and unorthodox controllers that he builds to play games.

Rudeism's latest creation features a glove that can move and use abilities with Overwatch's support hero, Lucio. The glove is shown to have motion controls when switching songs on Lucio's weapon, Sonic Amplifier. One final feature shown in the video is the exact hand motion Lucio makes when using Amp It Up. Rudeism mimics the exact same motion to activate the abilities effect.

Recent PTR updates will bring changes to Lucio's Wall Ride ability, although there have been some controversial thoughts about these changes with veteran players. The original plan to buff Lucio's Wall Ride was deemed to be too much and has since undergone changes to the ability. Regardless of how much Lucio will be changed, Rudeism has found an intricate way to play the support hero like no other. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard