5 Best Junglers in League of Legends Patch 8.9

League of Legends patch 8.9 is coming with a multitude of changes froma new Barontomana changes in the mid lane. The former especially will affect top tier junglers so here is a list of the five best junglers in League of Legends patch 8.9.

5. Shaco

The Demon Jester still remains a top pick in Patch 8.9. Shaco is undoubtedly one of the best assassins in the game and his global presence is strong with his mobility.

Shaco does rely on a lot of cheese plays early on so if he can't get those off then he will be weak throughout the game.

4. Xin Zhao

As the jungle meta shifts towards more skirmishes and duels, the best at that job also shifts up in ranking. Xin Zhao can snowball games harder than almost any other jungler.

His early and mid game damage is ridiculous and during late game team fights, he is versatile. 

3. Kayn

Kayn has made an impressive climb from a suboptimal jungler to a top tier champion. With his early transformations and counter gank ease, he dominates the jungle.

Sadly, his two biggest counters, Warwick and Kha'Zix, are also at the top of their game so Kayn is pushed down to the third spot.

2. Warwick

While Warwick will be receiving a small nerf in 8.9 in regards to his Q ability, his overall strength will still stay at the top. This is especially true since is W passive is what makes him such a menace in the early game.

His current win rate is 54.8 percent so he will need a much bigger nerf than Q ratios to be brought down.

1. Kha'Zix

Kha'Zix is king of the jungle and for good reason. His ultimate invisibility annihilates enemies as they can't track this fearsome assassin. 

While he will potentially get nerfed in Patch 8.10, for now, Kha'Zix mains can rejoice with the 'freelo' he gives.

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