Players have found a bug in Overwatch that allows Moira to recharge her healing meter faster than the developers intended. 

If the player exhausts their healing with Moira's Biotic Grasp, they can proceed to recharge her healing by waiting or draining the health of enemies either by Biotic Grasp or by her Biotic Orb. The clip shows how long it takes Moira to recharge her healing by damaging enemies with Biotic Grasp. It then cuts to Moira exhausting her healing once more, before proceeding to use Biotic Grasp in a different way.

Instead of holding down the button, Moira's beam while using Biotic Grasp is seen breaking -- indicating the player is quickly tapping the button to use her Biotic Grasp -- but her healing meter restores at a noticeably quicker pace.

This bug has the potential of being exploited in games if not taken care of soon.

Moira is one of the four heroes featured in Overwatch's Archives event, which focused on Blackwatch and the Venice Incident in the Retribution brawl. The event brought new skins and expanded on lore that is crucial to Overwatch's story. The event ends on April 30.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard.