The newest Overwatch map, Rialto, will be released May 3 in casual play, according ​to an announcement Monday from Blizzard.

Rialto, set in Italy, won't be added to competitive play until a later date. According to Blizzard, "This will help provide the community with plenty of time to learn how to play the map." This is routine for new releases in Overwatch, whether they be maps or heroes, because Blizzard doesn't want them to affect competitive play tendencies. 

​Brigitte, for example, was ​released back on March 20 and was ​just enabled in competitive play Wednesday night with the start of Season 10. She won't even be available in the ​Overwatch League until Stage 4.

Rialto debuted in Overwatch Archives as a PvE map and was on the Public Test Region as a PvP map. Rialto is the second permanent escort map added to Overwatch. The release marks the sixth map added to the pool. 

Photo courtesy of Blizzard