Overwatch Season 10 began Monday, and with it came the ​ability to use Brigitte in competitive play for the first time. Brigitte has been the hot topic in the Overwatch community for some time now, as it seems she can come across as a little overpowered -- or a lot overpowered if you're a tank main. 

But is ​Brigitte too OP? Isn't that the same argument we've had about all new heroes when they come out? Is it merely a matter of getting used to countering a new hero? Or are her abilities too powerful against all other heroes? 

We wanted a meta change. Well, we've got a meta change. 

The main arguments about Brigitte being overpowered stem from her powerful shield and its quick regeneration, her flail having too much range, and her stun lasting too long.

Brigitte has reliable CC abilities that come off cooldown often. Paired with a consistent AoE heal and mobility boosting ult, she can be devastating against the unprepared. Her Inspire ability encourages the Brigitte player to hit as many enemies as possible as often as possible to generate healing, and so what are we dealing with?

A very enthusiastic support hero who needs to attack you to heal, who can and will stun you every four seconds, who will be able to hit you from great distance and shield up and run in with her entire team to take you and yours down.

It's all fairly terrifying.

So what should be done to fix her? Should the cooldown on her Shield Bash ability be increased from five seconds to 10? Should the range on her Flail or Whip Shot be reduced? 

We've all seen heroes in Overwatch get nerfed, buffed (and nerfed and buffed again and again, in Mercy's case) and reworked. With Tracer ​recently receiving a change, it seems every hero has been carefully considered by the Overwatch development team and tweaked in some way with the intention of better balance and fairness within the game.

Brigitte will not be exempt from this, of course. If her kit is too powerful, the Overwatch team will correct it. So what do we do in the meantime?

First, we all need to remember the golden rule of Overwatch, despite how forgettable it always seems: Changing heroes to prevent counters is crucial to the game, and some heroes can deal with Brigitte better than others. The easiest way ​to counter Brigitte is with a Pharah or a Junkrat. If nobody on your team is using either of those heroes, run to the spawn room and switch off your main.

Brigitte cannot protect herself adequately from Pharah because her shield isn't big or strong enough to stand more than a few hits. She can't reach a good Pharah, either, and the same can be said about a Junkrat on high ground. Junkrat's bombs melt Brigitte's shield and the splash damage finishes her off easily.

Brigitte isn't so difficult to handle if you're willing to put in the effort to destroy her shield. She cannot protect herself without her shield and she cannot use Shield Bash without her shield. Once her shield is down, you have a window of opportunity to eliminate her and you may save a few teammates in the process. 

Sometimes working on a shield or barrier feels fruitless because you're wasting your ammo on something that doesn't easily go down and comes back up quickly. Remember this is a team-oriented game, and your entire team should work on any shield and barrier together and eliminate the enemy together. 

Ultimately, Brigitte is still the newest hero in Overwatch and we're all experiencing growing pains. We as the Overwatch community wanted a new meta and here it is -- Brigitte changes everything and she forces players themselves to really consider the heroes they've chosen and switch things up for the good of the match.

It will be exciting to see Brigitte being played in the Overwatch League as there's a lot to be learned from professional Overwatch players: ​how to use Brigitte optimally and of course how to counter her properly. 

If ​Brigitte is getting you down, consider spending some time on a long-range hero like Pharah or perfecting your Junkrat. Maybe wait a little while before doing placements until the dust settles, and if all else fails - insta-lock Brigitte yourself and everyone will avoid you (just kidding). 

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment