​Paul "sOAZ" Boyer alluded to himself possibly playing with Fnatic for ​the Mid-Season Invitational. 

SOAZ was pulled out of the spring split semifinals this year because of a hand injury. The injury required surgery and a recovery period of about two weeks. After receiving some gear earlier today, though, sOAZ teased on his Twitter that he could be making his return in MSI 2018.

SOAZ helped Fnatic make it to the EU LCS spring playoffs, and the team ​managed to take the championship while he recovered from his injury. Fnatic has not confirmed that sOAZ will be playing in MSI. Although, his return would no doubt be celebrated by fans​ that have followed his prolific career and are eager to see him play again.

​The play-in stage for MSI 2018 starts Thursday at 7 a.m. EST, but Fnatic won't play until the group stage starting May 11.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games