Overwatch developer ​Geoff Goodman ​took to the gam'e forums Thursday after the latest patch went live to provide an update about some Ana changes in the works. 

"There is another Ana change we’re making which didn’t quite make this PTR build, but will be up there soon," he wrote. "We’re changing Ana’s magazine size from 10 to 14, which should help her maintain healing uptime and allow her to more carefully choose when to reload as opposed to just healing until the reload is forced upon you."

Giving Ana a larger magazine size means she can heal more without worrying about running out of ammo. Choosing when to reload instead of being forced to do so after running out of ammo will allow Ana to pick the right moment to be vulnerable to the other team. 

​​Changes to Ana as a support hero, along with recent changes to ​Brigitte and ​Lucio could be in preparation for ​losing Symmetra as a ​support hero as she is reportedly moving to the defense roster.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment