We don't know what the next Overwatch map is going to be, and it's certainly too early to speculate. But if the map happened to be Busan, South Korea, it might give us a much desired glimpse into D.Va's backstory.

Blizzard ​released a new Overwatch map this week, ​Rialto, an expanded (and daytime) version of the map used for the seasonal PVE event Retribution during Overwatch: Archives. The map helped to illustrate an important piece of ​Overwatch's lore, and whatever the next map is could do the same for whatever hero is linked to it.

Most Overwatch heroes are linked (some more obviously than others) to available maps across all game modes. Mei, for example, is obviously linked to Ecopoint: Antarctica, and Junkrat and Roadhog are both linked to Junkertown. In a hero's natural habitat, if you will, clues exist everywhere revealing more backstory. The list of heroes who don't yet have maps includes ​Symmetra and D.Va.

D.Va is one of the most popular Overwatch heroes, not simply because she's a steadfast pick in every meta, but because her spunky attitude and relatability as a gamer naturally speaks to Overwatch players. 


D.Va's backstory is readily available on the internet but we've hardly learned anything about her since Overwatch was released. We know that she's from Busan, South Korea, where she was a professional esports player. The ​most recent information about D.Va was a clarification made by Michael Chu, the lead writer on Overwatch, in Feburary.

It was believed that D.Va was a professional StarCraft player, but as Chu explained: 

"We imagined that she was most known and specialized in a game with a skill set that was closer mapped to the skills that she (and the other MEKA pilots) utilized while piloting their mechs."

Twenty years ago in the current Overwatch timeline, a giant omnic monstrosity emerged from the East China sea and terrorized South Korea and everyone in it. The Korean government was able to force the omnic back into the sea, but not defeat it. 

As a measure of defense, the Korean government developed a mechanized drone unit called Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army (MEKA) to protect civilians from further attacks. The giant omnic would eventually return, every few years, and learn from its mistakes. Soon the omnic was able to easily destroy the drones, and that's when MEKA was forced to pilot them.

The government turned to Korea's professional gamers, who possessed the reflexes and strategical thinking required to pilot a mech and battle omnic foes. Nineteen-year-old Hana Song was approached and eagerly took the job, turning away from fame and fortune as a popular pro esports player.


We know D.Va is a successful MEKA pilot who streams combat training and has apparently starred in a Hollywood movie, but besides that we know nothing else. What if the next Overwatch map was war torn Busan? 

A map beside the sea with broken MEKA units on the ground. Korean-inspired scenery. Maybe it could be a control map with sub-maps highlighting the battle zone by the sea, MEKA training grounds, and maybe a typical Korean city set up that D.Va might hang out in when out of mech. 

Ideally the next major Overwatch cinematic would be D.Va's backstory, and the map would be released shortly afterward. Overwatch uses all avenues of media to bring characters to life, and there's still so much to learn about D.Va! 

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment