​Ana is a support hero who has definitely needed changes for a long time. Some of the changes Blizzard has ​​planned for her on the public test realm are a bit overboard, as Ana does not need completely new abilities to operate. 

In her current live state, Ana can do incredible healing with shots from her Biotic Rifle and her Biotic Grenade. The rifle fires quickly enough that a good Ana can constantly apply healing to a target no matter where they are, and the grenade is great in a pinch or when they really need to heal quickly. 

The one downside to her Biotic Rifle is that it will hit the first ally who comes in contact, even if that player is at full health. If say a Tracer were to blink around she might accidentally absorb a shot meant for a Reinhardt holding the shield. One of the changes Blizzard plans to change is that her shots go through full health allies.

This change is one of the better changes it plans to implement. While players will not be able to "pre-heal" teammates any more, it'll do wonders to alleviate headaches when the Ana can't heal a near-dead teammate by accident. 

The changes Blizzard is considering to her abilities overall is not what Ana needs. Her abilities already are very useful for both healing and defending herself. Biotic Grenade serves as amazing healing in a pinch, and can be great to lock down a hero surrounded by their team. Sleep Dart is an incredible form of crowd control and, with a coordinated team, can lead to an assured kill. 

The only rework that should definitely happen is to her Nano Boost. The effects of the Nano Boost should not be altered, they're fine as is, but how the Ana targets the Nano Boost definitely needs to get worked on. In the live versions of the game, the Ana will target the closest hero with the boost. This has the same problem as her Biotic Rifle in the live versions -- someone can accidentally step in front.

How Nano Boost targets in the live version is incredibly frustrating. Nothing feels worse than Nano Boosting a Zenyatta when you meant to boost the ulting Genji instead. If Blizzard were to change how the Biotic Rifle and the Nano Boost target, that would be a perfect fix.

The change of Ana's ammo count from 10 to 14 is a little unnecessary. She's already capable of firing a lot of shots quickly, and reloading quickly. Ana does not need that many shots to do her job effectively. 

Blizzard is also planning on ​nerfing Brigitte, as well ​they should. She has only been ​available in competitive for a short time period, but already she's overpowered. Her abilities currently have too little a cooldown and they encourage spamming.

Cover photo courtesy of ​Blizzard Entertainment