In their endless quest to help provide players with insights into upcoming changes, Riot Games released an early look at League of Legends patch 8.11. This is especially impressive because this isn't for the next patch, but the one after that. Which means this is at least a month if not more in advance.

The patch will be all about Marksman changes. The bot lane has been the most dominant lane in the game for awhile now with ADCs having early and insane power spikes. In order to tone down this dominance, the ADC role getting a small nerf in order to make games less reliant on them.

These changes seem to be supported by the community and pro players alike.

The patch notes explain that all the changes will involve item changes so no ADC, as of now, is actually being changed. In total, eight ADC items are being adjusted. Additionally, a new keystone is being introduced as well as nerfs to Lethal Tempo.

Infinity Edge is the biggest item change. The new Infinity Edge makes the power spikes with it a bit later into the game with a new passive.

Stormrazer is a new item being added to the game. The new unique passives reads as "If you haven't attacked recently, your next basic attack will critically strike" and "When you critically strike, gain a short burst of attack speed and movement speed."

Essence Reaver and Lord Dominik's Regards are also being touched on. Essence Reaver will play around ability based ADCs more with mana refunds and an interaction with ultimate uses. This will be especially strong on Corki. Lord Dominik's Regards's armor penetration will hit base armor too, allowing for tank shredding to be easier.

Lastly for items, Blade of the Ruined King and Bloodthirster received cost changes. 

As for the new keystone, Hail of Blades will be added to the domination tree. It reads as "Your first three basic attacks against champions in combat gain bonus attack speed. These attacks can exceed the attack speed limit." This keystone paired with Stormrazer will certainly allow ADCs to remain strong despite early game nerfs.

These changes are exciting to see and players can appreciate Riot Games with being upfront about them. After the backlash from the proposed jungle changes being heard by Riot, it is always refreshing to see the developers continue their open communication with their community. 

Photos Courtesy of Riot Games