The Inter​national 2018 Battle Pass went live Tuesday after being teased Monday and the pass is filled with new Immortal Treasures, two new game modes and a host of new features for players to get their hands on.

New for The International 2018 Battle Pass will be the Underhollow, a multi-team Dungeon clash. Players will work together to explore the maze of caves before an enemy team or Roshan finds players first. Cavern Crawl and Mutation mode will also be part of the two new modes in the new Battle Pass. Also, there will be a new Emerald Abyss custom terrain in Dota 2.


The International 2018 Battle Pass will be $9.99 with The International 2018 Battle Pass at level 75 being priced at $36.99.

International 2018 Battle Pass 

You will receive the following rewards:

  • Immortal Treasure I
  • Immortal Treasure II
  • Immortal Treasure III
  • The International 2018 Music Pack
  • The International 2018 Cursor Pack
  • Evolving Courier Level 1
  • Trailgazer Ward
  • TI2018_SeasonalTerrain
  • Phoenix Taunt - 'Cold Breakfast'
  • Favorite Team Spray
  • 5x Player Card Packs
  • Pro Circuit Predictions Unlocked
  • 1x Team Challenge Token

International 2018 Battle Pass- Level 75

  • 4x Immortal Treasure I
  • Meepo, Meepo, and Meepo Announcer Pack
  • 40x Player Card Packs
  • 6x 250 Battle Point Tributes
  • 3x Team Challenge Tokens
  • Chat Wheel Sound Five Pack I
  • 2x Additional Sprays
  • Enigma Taunt - 'Enigmatic'
  • Weaver Taunt - 'Exterminated'
  • Chrome River Vial
  • Evolving Courier Level 2
  • 2x Arcana Vote Power Increase
  • 5x Crystal Maiden Wheel Spins
  • Fountain Effect I
  • Teleport Effect I
  • Blink Effect I
  • Level Up Effect
  • Eul's Scepter Effect

The International Battle Pass will also give players the ability to buy and unlock exclusive features and rewards for Dota 2 for a limited time. This includes sprays, custom lane creeps, role-based matchmaking queues and more.

The Dota 2 International Battle Pass is the main driver of revenue behind one of the biggest prize pools in esports. For The International 7, 25 percent of all Battle Pass sales went directly to The International 2017 prize pool. The International 7 was able to reach a prize pool of $24 million, helped in large part by the contributions of the Battle Pass.

Photo Courtesy of Valve