The Overwatch League is nearing the end of its first season and there are some areas the league can improve on. However, the most crucial issue is making sure the Overwatch League plays on current in-game patches in the future. Seeing professional players play on outdated patches is unacceptable.

​​The Hanzo rework ​went live on Overwatch servers last Thursday, and despite being on a patch prior to Stage 4, Josh "Sideshow" Wilkinson confirmed the reworked Hanzo ​will not be included. Brigitte, Overwatch's newest hero who only recently went live in ​Season 10 of competitive play, is confirmed to be in ​Stage 4.

It's unreasonable for the Overwatch League to play games on patches that have no relevance to the meta anymore. Although the difference between the current patch and the patch the Overwatch League will play on isn't as drastic as Stage 1 being played partially with ​pre-nerf Mercy, there is still a disconnect between what players experience in-game and what the Overwatch League shows during matches. 

Stages should not be adjusted to patches released in the middle of the stage, but when a patch is updated before the stage begins, there is no reason for the stage to be played on an even older patch. As the meta is shifting, players turn to pros to see how to get the best use out of each hero. Although fans will have the personal Twitch streams of these players to turn to, watching competitive play with teams selected by Blizzard's matchmaking system doesn't compare to seeing a professional team play.

Professional Overwatch games should not be played on outdated patches. If players want to know how heroes are used at the highest level of Overwatch play, they will have to turn to streamers on streams on Twitch. The best Overwatch gameplay is meant to be at the Overwatch League, and the Overwatch League cannot provide that if the patches it plays on are over a month old.

Cover photo courtesy of Robert Paul/Blizzard