​Riot Games has released a ​new version of its "Mechs vs Minions" board game titled Wave 3. The game itself is a cooperative PvE tabletop game for up to four players playing ​various yordles and creating mech robots to combat minions. The game takes approximately 60-90 minutes to play.

​​Riot's description reads, "Rumble has invited four intrepid Yordles (Heimerdinger, Tristana, Corki, and Ziggs) to his school to learn how to program and pilot their newly crafted mechs against an army of marauding minions threatening the safety of Runeterra. You’ll program and pilot your new mechs through 10 minion-mashing missions."

Curiously, the objectively best yordle, ​Lulu, is absent from this version of the game. We apologize to LuLu mains.