​Valve ​posted a blog Wednesday opening up about its selection process for Counter-Strike Majors and how the developer selects tournament organizers and cities.

The goal, Valve wrote, is to pick an event most likely to give CS:GO fans an exciting experience. The three main criteria are events that:

1. Exceed expectations and innovate​

2. Are scheduled conveniently for a typical CS:GO player at home

3. Are available for free on the platforms preferred by the audience

Valve also values tournament organizers "willing to take risks and explore new formats, production features, types of venue or staging, etc." Valve weighs all those criteria and considers organizers who have proven the ability to run high-level tournaments.

As far as locations, Valve wrote that it does not disqualify locations based on where the most recent Major was held. No consecutive Majors have been held in the same country, but Valve's post makes it seem as if that could be possible.

Valve prefers proposals that take place in countries that can cater to the peak viewing audience, according to the post, which Valve wrote is 2 p.m. ET.

"Note that it's easier for an online audience to stay up a little late than to wake up early,"Valve wrote, "and arena audiences don't like to attend as late as online audiences peak viewership, which means the ideal locations are between EST and CEST."

As for picking future Majors, Valve's plan to this point was to pick the next Major host after the closest Major ends, but the developer will change that philosophy going forward, with the aim of picking Majors one event in advance, to ease the scheduling and planning process.

Photo courtesy of Turner Sports/ELEAGUE