FC Schalke 04 Esports will voluntarily drop out of the EU LCS at the end of the summer split and instead will watch the development of the upcoming franchise system, according to a report from a German news site ​cited by the Esports Observer.

​​Schalke made its way into League of Legends after purchasing the spot owned by Elements before the summer split in 2016. The team played its way back into the EU LCS after being relegated in 2017. Schalke finished eighth in this year's spring split with a 7-11 record.

Riot Games is ​moving away for the relegation system for the EU LCS, replacing it with partnership agreements for teams that will last for three years. The changes will include revenue sharing, franchise permanence and an increase to minimum player salaries and benefits, changes that came to the NA LCS this year. 

Riot Games has buy-in prices at $9.93 million for current teams in the league, and $13.02 million for teams that are looking to join the league. According to Esports Observer, the buy-in price might be too high for the club to consider staying in the EU LCS. The Esports Observer also wrote that Premier League soccer clubs such as Arsenal, Crystal Palace and Swansea City are in discussions to enter the league next year.

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games