The Overwatch live server patch update that included ​Hanzo's rework also granted considerable ​buffs to Lúcio. Soundwave can be used while reloading and no longer consumes ammo. As one Redditor captured, that led to Lúcio players endlessly booping enemies in Overwatch's arcade game: Total Mayhem.

​​The clip captures two opposing Lúcio players fighting each other during a Total Mayhem game in King's Row. Like the name suggests, the mode doubles the health of all heroes and speeds up the cooldown of all abilities considerably. Becaue of the buff, the two Lúcios are able to use Soundwave on each other continuously. The player ultimately boops the enemy Lúcio off the map, resulting in an environmental kill.

The Overwatch patch introduced Hanzo's new abilities and implemented Tracer's first nerf in Overwatch history. Brigitte received a few nerfs, but Blizzard confirmed more nerfs are on the way in the next Public Test Region patch.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard. Clip courtesy of Gr4b