The Overwatch League will increase the price tag on expanding spots for their league to upwards of $30-60 million, according to a report by ESPN. It's already been confirmed that Nate Nanzer has high hopes for the number of teams in the league, so this could mean a large paycheck for the Overwatch League.  

Each team paid $20 million to buy-in back before the inaugural season began in January 2018. The price increase is based on a number of factors, with the biggest one focused on the increase of esports traffic and popularity. 

Jacob Wolf states, "top North American esports organizations, such as Cloud9 and Immortals, were valued between anywhere from $100-140 million, and some organizations are now valued at around $160-200 million less than a year later, according to sources."

As esports grows at an accelerated rate, so will the price to join such an industry. The Overwatch League seems to be betting that companies interested in Overwatch will be afraid of the steady increase in price and will look to join sooner rather than later. It still remains to be seen if there is enough talent to go around, as we've already seen a very top-heavy league. 

There are a few interested parties, but they'll have to fork up the cash first before having a chance at an Overwatch League slot. 

Photo Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment