​Pyke, the new aggressive support champion, was finally revealed today in a video and a terrifying and aggressive support champion like him would be great for League of Legends.

​​Riot has been teasing players with a new ​offensive minded support character for a few weeks now, and Pyke looks like he might live up to the hype. ​Pyke's abilities look to be damage oriented although the net in the video could certainly manifest itself as a form of crowd control. 

This style of support is fantastic for the game because it keeps more players involved on the map. Pyke be relevant in lane, and the map pressure coming from an aggressive bot lane is huge for the team. Currently the meta is for bot lane to sit and farm for as long as possible until one or both teams bring five members bot and try to blow open the game. Pyke could change all of that.

A champion that encourages 2-v-2 skirmishing means that there will be action before the rest of the team gets involved. This also comes on the back of Riot announcing ​nerfs to shielding/healing supports, which will should result in more aggressive options being viable in the bot lane.

Support is often one of the least favored roles for many players because they find it less enjoyable than the other options. A champion like Pyke should re-invigorate the excitement of playing as a support, which will create a better game state overall. 

Photo courtesy of Riot Games