According to a recent statistic, peak viewership of the  Overwatch League on Twitch has dropped every stage. Stage one peaked with over 400,000 viewers, while stage three maxed out at a little over 191,000. 

It should be noted that these numbers from Twitch do not include Chinese viewers. With China included, peak viewership did dip in stage 2, but went up for stage 3. This could be due to the Shanghai Dragons getting a lot of recent publicity. This is compounded by the fact that the most watched matches of both stage 2 and 3 were with the Dragons.

This is still the inaugural season of the OWL, so these numbers could just be the viewership leveling out over time. Although, there is something to be said about the number of controversies the league has endured, which could have turned off many viewers. Stage 3 has just concluded, so the viewership for stage 4, the final stage of the season, will be a good indicator of how non-Chinese viewers are taking the season.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard/Robert Paul