4 Skin Themes That Would Work Well With New League of Legends Champion Pyke

In the wake of Pyke's recent revelation, here's a look at some skin themes that fit his character especially well. 

If you are interested in a different introduction, witness Brazil's intro. 

4. Salt Water Taffy Pyke

Candy themed skins are a great way to take a champion with a serious backstory, such a Pyke, and show players that they too can have a sweet side.

Salt Water Taffy Pyke would be made from the taffy itself and could come in a variety of colors depending on the taffy flavors used to create his body. 

3. Project Pyke

Since Pyke is an aggressive champion he would look awesome as a futuristic underwater assassin. Project skins are often reserved for offensive minded champions such as Yasuo, Master Yi, Zed and Leona so the theme fits perfectly with Pyke as he will be an all-in style support. 

2. Mecha Pyke

An underwater robot version of Pyke would be absolutely terrifying. Since he already has a villainous look, Pyke could be portrayed as an evil underwater cyborg of some sort.

Imagine a mechanized murderer emerging from the depths to claim his victims and you've got a good picture of how incredible this skin could be. 

1. Pool Party Pyke

The most obvious choice for a Pyke skin is Pool Party Pyke because he already fits so well with the water theme and the skin name would be an alliteration. 

He would be featured donning shark floats since he is a predator by nature, even when at a pool party.