Overwatch's charity Mercy skin sales started on May 8 and were intended to raise money for  Breast Cancer research. The skins retailed for £12.99 with the idea that the entire amount would be donated to charity.

It has since come to light that Sony was either taking a percentage of the profits or, more likely, had to use some of the money raised to pay the VAT (Value Added Tax). Sony had been relatively quiet on the matter until this morning when they responded to a query about the missing £2.87 from each purchase. 

They responded by saying, "We are not making any profit from sales of Overwatch Pink Mercy Skin."

The problem here is that Sony was not completely transparent on what was going on. Players were led to believe that the entirety of their purchase was going to charity. While Sony is not the one who imposed the tax, they still should have made it clear that a portion of the sale would not be able to be donated since it was to be taken out for taxes.

As Nick Akerman tweeted, other companies were able to say precisely how much they were going to donate which makes the whole thing feel just a tad shady since Sony was rather ambiguous with their wording on the matter. 

Photo courtesy of Blizzard