A Reddit user shared an incredible clip of their team taking both objective A and B of Volskaya Industries as a team of six support heroes.

The clip began with the attacking team readying to exit the spawn on Volskaya Industries. The player, Lúcio, was joined by Zenyatta, Moira, Mercy, Brigitte, and Symmetra -- a team comprised solely of support heroes. In the clip, the team pushes in at the first choke and easily disposes of the majority of the team, cleaning up before taking objective A with ease. Once it is captured, they rush toward objective B and the team disposes of a few ultimates to ensure objective B is theirs. The team full of supports claim the victory after two minutes of game time.

Although Symmetra is still a support hero in this video, her rework will make her a defense hero, instead. The Blizzard team has given a handful of information about her rework, but there have been no visual examples of her tentative changes. She will be able to Teleport players regularly, as her ultimate is being changed to a regular ability, and will only deploy three turrets at a time.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard. Clip courtesy of the_catdad.