As the Symmetra rework nears closer in Overwatch (despite a defined release date), fans will settle for any taste they can get of how the hero might play. What's interesting, though, is one Reddit user who seems to have discovered a new sound her turret makes in the game's Public Test Region.

​​As you can see in the video, there are brand new turret placement sounds that have been added into the PTR. Symmetra is going to be getting a change when it comes to her turrets, so this might be the first sign of the rework coming soon.

The support hero is rumored to be moving to the defense class, which would make a lot of sense. Details of her changes surfaced after Geoff Goodman went to the Blizzard forums to discuss and update fans of the game with all of the reworks that were being tested on the hero from India. Changes such as her teleport becoming an E ability to even a new ultimate were announced, which excited players as they are now dying to test out the hero and see what she is capable of.

​Get familiar with all of the changes coming to the current support hero and be sure to be on the look out for any other signs of a rework for her as fans can only hope that the changes arrive soon to Overwatch.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard