​Blizzard released a new developer update for the Overwatch Anniversary on Tuesday. The developer update highlights, new free-for-all deathmatch map: PETRA, free-for-all competitive deathmatch season, a free Legendary Anniversary Loot Box, new Anniversary cosmetics and more.

​​Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch Director, highlighted that the new deathmatch map, Petra will focus on a having a mega health pack in the middle of the map and an area that will become increasingly more dangerous as the game goes on. He also said that there will be a lot of diversity in the type of heroes that can play on the map.

Regarding the deathmatch competitive season, Kaplan said that the Chateau map and Petra map will be the maps that can be played on for the mini competitive season.

The brand new anniversary loot box will not only feature content from the new anniversary event, but will also allow players to pick up items from any of the previous events. Seasonal items from all of the other events will also be available to be unlocked during this year's Anniversary event.

As an added bonus for this anniversary event, Kaplan made it clear that Blizzard would be bringing back select brawls from the arcade from previous events, like Junkstein's Revenge, and they will cycle throughout the entire anniversary event.

Eight legendary Anniversary skins will be released with the event, and Kaplan hinted that a certain hero will be coming to the event in formal wear.

Overwatch Anniversary ​celebrates two years since the game's release, and the event ​runs May 22 through June 11. There will also be an Overwatch ​free weekend from May 25-28 as part of the celebration.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard