​There has been a ton of outrage as of late surrounding which patch  will be played during Stage 4 of the Overwatch League. Brigitte, the newest hero in Overwatch, has been confirmed to be joining Stage 4, but ​players/fans have been clueless on the addition of the latest Hanzo rework. As it turns out, the stage will take place on the old patch.

With Stage 4 starting Wednesday, commissioner Nate Nanzer released a statement that it will be Patch 1.22, which does not have the Hanzo rework.

Although many will complain -- with good reason -- as fans want to watch the Overwatch League played during the same state as they play, Nanzer clearly states that patch 1.23 has a potential bug that exists, which affects the ability to resume play on escort maps if there is a pause during any match.

It is definitely not the news fans of the Overwatch League fans want to hear but it might be best for the league itself. We can only hope that the changes will be part of the final playoffs in July.