Hundreds of complaining Fortnite: Battle Royale players are apparently calling a small hobby shop in Ohio called Epic Loot Games, mistaking it Fortnite publisher Epic Games.

Hunter Davies, the assistant manager at Epic Loot Games, ​told Kotaku: "a kid between 9 and 16 screamed expletives at me." The kid said "fix your fucking game, fix your servers," and then hung up on Davies.

Because Epic Games doesn't have live phone support for Fortnite players, customers who get tired of going through Epic Games' automated email responses will search Google for a phone number to call, and eventually end up finding the Epic Loot Games number. Close enough, right?

Davies told Kotaku: "There are so many calls: pranks, angry gamers, kids who don’t understand why the support doesn’t have a readily available method of contact. We started telling them to use the website because they can’t actually talk to anyone on the phone."

The night where Tyler "Ninja" Blevins played Fortnite with Aubrey "Drake" Graham, and ​shattered Twitch records, Epic Loot Games received 130 calls -- and after that night, the calls really started pouring in regularly.

People love to complain, and Fortnite players are no different. Even with Epic Games doing what it can with Fortnite to please everyone, there will always be someone dissatisfied. Epic Loot Games management has no plans to change the name of the store, as they have just opened another location, according to Kotaku. As Fortnite continues to grow and ​generate revenue, so will the amount of calls that the store receives on a daily basis!

Photo courtesy of Epic Games