​The ​recently-reworked Overwatch hero Hanzo will soon receive some nerfs, principal designer Geoff Goodman wrote Tuesday on the game's forums.

"We’ve been testing some nerfs internally and have decided to make a change for the upcoming patch," Goodman wrote. "We’re reducing the damage per arrow from 80 to 70, which not only drops them out of one-shot territory for 200 hp heroes (w/ dmg boost), but also drops them out of one-shot range of 150 heroes such as Tracer and D.Va pilot.

"The ability will still be very strong overall, but this change should help mitigate the most frustrating element of fighting against it. We’re looking at getting this change up onto the PTR soon."

Hanzo's rework, which went live last week, was seen ​as a major buff from the hero who was previously in a state that classified the phrase "Hanzo main" as an insult. Instead of his ability Scatter Arrows, Hanzo received Storm Arrows instead, but it seems maybe they were a bit too strong.

Reducing the damage done per arrow should make it just a bit more difficult for the ability to be lethal, which could in turn balance the hero just slightly enough to make him a bit more viable.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard