Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan abruptly shut down any notion that Winston changes could be possible anytime soon.

An Overwatch player took to the forums to discuss the state of Winston, explaining how the hero's damage is too weak, and heroes with any mobility are able to get away from Winston before he kills them.

Winston has also fallen out of the current meta, being a staple in dive composition, Winston is now ​replaced by Reinhardt and/or Zarya in the new "B​rigitte meta."

Kaplan quickly ascended from the Overwatch heavens to set the record straight about Winston's immediate future.

"We're not currently considering buffing Winston or his kit," he wrote.

​​There's nothing wrong with Winston currently, but he will be on the shelf for the time being as Overwatch players and professionals alike navigate the unfamiliar world​ Brigitte has introduced to the game.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment