Blizzard does a great job of releasing unique skins for Overwatch heroes. New skins are released all year long, usually in celebration of an in-game event but ​sometimes for charity and other special promotions. Here are six Overwatch skins fans crave the most.

6. Oni Genji


Oni Genji was originally available only during a promotion with Heroes of the Storm, but it has since been introduced in standard loot boxes. Making this skin gated content at the beginning sent Overwatch fans into a frenzy, doing their best to get into Heroes of the Storm to obtain it. Oni Genji never lost its appeal and remains one of the most popular Genji skins of all time.

5. Dragon Symmetra


Dragon Symmetra was unveiled for the Halloween Terror event last year and is available only during that event. Dragon Symmetra was also added as a boss to the PVE game mode Dr.Junkenstein's Revenge, giving the skin a little backstory. This is by far the coolest looking Symmetra skin in the game, and with Symmetra changes on the horizon, Overwatch fans want this to drop more than anything.

4. Grillmaster 76


Solider: 76 has been deemed the "father figure" of the Overwatch roster, and this skin is the ultimate tribute to that meme. Socks and sandals, Hawaiian shirt, dad sunglasses: all the deadliest stereotypes are present here and beautifully executed. This skin is available only during the Summer Games event and is definitely the most popular (and hilarious) of all the skins available during that event.

3. Blackwatch Moira


Blackwatch Moira was introduced in April during the Overwatch: Archives event, and she made a significant impact on the Overwatch community. Inspiring artists and cosplayers, it's more than just her hat that makes this skin special. The Blackwatch element of Moira's lore hadn't been clear until Retribution, and the skin represented what we all wanted to know.

2. Black Cat D.Va


Departing from her familiar bunny motif, Black Cat D.Va gives us an entirely new spin on D.Va as both she and her mech are almost unrecognizable. D.Va is wearing an adorable Lolita-inspired dress with blonde pigtails, and her mech looks like a giant black cat, complete with ears and a tail. This skin was introduced into standard loot boxes, and though it's common, it's undoubtedly the most popular D.Va skin to date.

1. Witch Mercy


This skin dropped during the first Halloween Terror event and has been on the top of everyone's list of favorite skins ever since then. Portraying Mercy as a witch, this skin is the opposite of the Mercy we know, and that juxtaposition intrigues people.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment