The Overwatch Anniversary event skins ​have been leaked from ​multiple different outlets. There's no confirmation that these are the actual skins players will be able to obtain in the Overwatch Anniversary event, but the photos look pretty convincing, and one of them, ​the Junkrat skin, has already been leaked so there's a good chance these are legitimate as well.

The skins are incredible, so we are crossing our fingers and hoping that this leak is real. Who doesn't want that Doomfist skin? He looks amazing! In addition to these legendary skins, there are also three epic skins coming, two of which are ​Venom Soldier: 76, and ​Lightning Tracer. 

Along with the event, it has been announced that a new ​Competitive Deathmatch mode will be coming to Overwatch, which is making its debut with the Anniversary Event.

To see all of the skins together, check them out ​here and be sure to log onto the game on May 22 to get your hands on these awesome skins!

Photo courtesy of Blizzard