3 Leaked Overwatch Anniversary Event Dance Emotes

Last year's Overwatch Anniversary event for brought something special and never before seen in the game, dance emotes. They were introduced to Overwatch during the event, which were given to all heroes in the game. It was a great addition to the game as players found them funny to use and brought a lighter side to the same.

Sadly though, the new heroes that were added to Overwatch after the event never got to join in on the fun. Well thanks to the return of the anniversary event this year, the newest heroes to join the game were able to get in on the fun.

Here are the leaked dance emotes for Moira, Doomfist and Brigitte thanks to Youtuber Lanym.

3. Moira

Fans of the Talon support hero can now take a load off and use this dance emote as their healing orb is doing the job for them. Who said you can't support with style?

2. Doomfist

Doomfist typically isn't the most relaxed hero in the game, but with his newest emote, you can hit some sweet moves with his mighty gauntlet.

1. Brigitte

The newest hero to arrive to the game might have just gotten the best dance emote out of the three ! Be sure to get your boogie on with the Swedish engineer during this year's Overwatch Anniversary event!

Photos and videos courtesy of Blizzard