During a break at the Overwatch League, a new health pack and breakable floor were shown on the new Anniversary map Petra.

On Saturday, we've seen quite a few different leaks appear, but this one was at least planned. We got our first glimpse of Petra, some new dance emotes, and all the juicy skins. The Anniversary event looks to be awesome which is pretty impressive after such a great Retribution event! 

Yes, that's a breakable floor and a new healthpack in the middle of that breakable floor. Watch out! 

We will have to wait a while before the next hero is announced, but at least we have these amazing skins and emotes to distract us. It's a pretty great idea from Blizzard to share a skin reveal during the broadcast for the OWL as it takes their massive Overwatch fanbase and introduces them to the Overwatch League. As popular the OWL has become, it's nothing compared to the numbers that play Overwatch monthly. It's was a great idea and you can expect more these reveals in the future. 

Photo Courtesy of Overwatch