​Overwatch Anniversary goes live on Tuesday and with it comes the return of select brawls, according to game director ​Jeff Kaplan's announcement. Bringing back past brawls means players have the chance to possibly revisit the ​Retribution brawl or ​play Lúcioball before its official return in the Summer Games event.

The return of past brawls does not take away from the exclusiveness of past events. Instead, the new Overwatch Anniversary best celebrates the game by bringing back brawls for an even shorter amount of time.

Overwatch Anniversary is the only seasonal event that does not have its own special brawl. Every event has its own unique brawl that can be played in the arcade during the event's duration. Although this year's anniversary event will include a ​mini competitive season of deathmatch, it does not have its own exclusive game mode. 

The Anniversary event ​lacked its own brawl, which was heavily overshadowed by the skins and exclusive dance emotes. The event was centered highly around its cosmetics and did not give players a bigger incentive to play in the arcade.

Although past brawls will become available during the Anniversary event, this will not dilute other events. Past brawls will rotate daily on the arcade, which suggests one brawl will be available per day. Players won't be able to play past events repeatedly, just for a specific and much shorter amount of time. This helps the brawls retain their rarity.

​​The Overwatch League's broadcast ​officially revealed Magician Symmetra, one of the eight legendary skins in the Anniversary event. The ​new dance emotes and other ​legendary skins were leaked that weekend, along with a first look at the new map Petra.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard