Mousesports has been around since the early days of Counter-Strike 1.6 or Source. Since CS:GO, almost all of the team's lineups have been shrouded in mediocrity and never contended for many tournaments along the way. To be fair, previous lineups of mousesports weren't expected to be the best teams in the world.

The current mousesports lineup has to be the of the most talented and promising lineups that the organization has had since the adoption of CS:GO. The team has players that are packed with skill such as Robin “ropz” Kool, Tomas “oskar” Stastny and Miikka “suNny” Kemppi, who can bring the firepower that is needed. 

Along with that, these three stars are helped by the supportive elements and roles that Martin “STYKO” Styk embraces. To round it out, Chris “ChrisJ” De Jong, as well as coach Sergey “lmbt” Bezhanov, has the experience and skill to keep the younger players in check and make sure that they do what is needed to win. 

These three aspects give the players a chance to achieve something great.

However, mousesports is up against the wall when its comes to facing the behemoths of the professional scene. Teams like FaZe Clan, NaVi, and Astralis, stand between mousesports and the trophies it wants to hold. 

At EPL Dallas, we saw that if the players on mousesports do not show up to the best of their abilities, they cannot succeed against these teams. Mousesports was handily defeated by FaZe during the groups stages and once it made it to the playoffs, mousesports had nothing to show against Team Liquid and was eliminated from the tournament. 

Mousesports has the potential to beat any of these teams, but it needs its stars to show up.

From previous lineups and iterations of mousesports, the team's finish at ESL Dallas would not be that bad. Placing 5th-6th in a major international LAN is impressive and with the little high caliber experience that this team has, can be seen as a very good performance, but this is not how this team should be looking at this result.

If mousesports want to live up to the potential that it has, it must not take results like this, and be content with them, and instead should continue to strive get better results.

This mousesports lineup has shown that it has the potential and to win events and be a top three team in the world at times. It should keep on trying to improve and become the team that it has the chance to be -- one of the best in the world.

Mousesports has what is takes to be one of the very best teams in the world -- it's all on the players and their perseverance to show if they can do that. 

Real champions and legendary players don’t search out and hope for mediocrity, they look for trophies.

Photo courtesy of Dreamhack