Epic Games announced that they were going to provide $100 million to fund prize pools for Fortnite tournaments in 2018-2019. The large sum of money they're putting up will increase their player base and cause people to step up their game in anticipation of the tournaments. 

Fortnite's player base already is quite skilled, with streamers such as Tyler "Ninja" Blevin inventing new strategies and perfecting their skills. Fortnite is vastly different from other battle royale games, even other third person shooter games with the inclusion of building mechanics. Skilled players engage in "build fights" where both players create massive towers, seeking to get the height advantage over the other. 

Epic Games has been making a push into esports following an announcement from the May 19 dev update. The company rolled out the Solo Showdown limited time mode, in which players test their skills for V-Bucks rewards. Ninja even hosted his own tournament, where fans challenged him for a $10,000 prize. The tournament was hugely competitive and it was a great stepping stone in demonstrating Fortnite's potential in esports. 

As these tournaments get announced and their prize pools unveiled, more players will flock to Fortnite: Battle Royale.  A healthy competitive scene will bring a host of new talent looking to make their mark in esports. Fortnite's already one of the largest games of the year, and the rise of new tournaments will only see the game grow even larger. 

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games