In celebration of the​ Overwatch anniversary event, a new deathmatch map, Petra, was released with an amazing archaeology theme and ​breakable floor that falls away to reveal a pit of doom - an unprecedented feature in Overwatch so far. 

There is still a lot to learn about Petra, but screenshots have captured some interesting messages and symbols and new names not before seen in Overwatch lore.

​The first correspondence mentions Ilios, and a new project in Thailand. It introduces someone called Dr. Nachareon and was written by H. Faisal, presumably Hamid Faisal judging by the login name on the next photo.


The tough icon is new to the game and Overwatch fans wonder just which organization is funding this archaeology expedition and what are they looking for?


On the third screen, players can see two entries, one from someone called Iaonnidis, and another entry from Faisal who describes a hidden chamber only accessible through a narrow opening. Could the hidden chamber be somewhere in the Petra map?

Overwatch is known for sending its players down rabbit holes to figure out missing pieces of lore or hints that would reveal new heroes and maps. These messages ​found in Petra might reveal more than fans realize -- eventually. 

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment