​When you think of classic Overwatch memes, Genji's overzealous pleas for healing come to mind, and the catchphrase "I need healing!" Spammed over and over again. ​For the Overwatch Anniversary event, Genji has been given the cheekiest voice line yet, considering his meme-worthy status in the game: "You need healing!"

​​The internet is already overly excited about this latest edition to Genji's repertoire, and it seems it won't be long until we're hearing "You need healing!" ad nauseam.

​​Genji didn't receive ​a new skin this year but by all accounts this hilarious voice line more than makes up for it. It's always satisfying when Overwatch officially recognizes internet culture built around Overwatch, ​like D.Va's apparent tenancies to eat junk food and Solider: 76 dressing like your typical dad at a barbecue with the Grillmaster: 76 skin. 

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment