5 Best AD Carries to Pair With Pyke in League of Legends

Pyke is the new swashbuckling support champion coming in the next League of Legends patch. He's already available in the Public Beta Environment, so players can test him out. Before he hits the main servers, it's time to see which AD Carry Pyke would fit best with in the bottom lane.

5. Jhin

What puts Jhin here is the fact that Deadly Flourish (W) is going to get a lot more deadly once Pyke can stun enemy champions for him. Jhin is already a pretty strong champion right now, and having him snowball is a complete disaster for the enemy team.

4. Xayah

Rakan is starting to be more viable with other AD Carries, and Xayah might just find success with Pyke at her side. Pyke has a similar play-making kit to Rakan, just way more aggressive. That could help bridge the gap of bonuses Xayah gets with her lover. 

3. Miss Fortune

The thought of Miss Fortune and Pyke combining their ultimates together in and of itself was enough to get her on this list. Miss Fortune even has some crowd control with her Make it Rain (E), which could make this duo pair together really well by making the other bot laners stop in their tracks.

2. Kai'Sa

The last new champion to the Rift could pair amazingly well with Pyke. Kai'Sa has found her place as one of the strongest AD Carries in the game right now. Pyke poking down the enemy and hooking them in for the kill is only going to help Kai'Sa's play style. Just imagine Pyke's X dropping on you and then Kai'Sa zooming in for the kill.

1. Twitch

Prepare for this duo to be perma-banned in every game. Two champions with a stealth ability is a nightmare on its own, and now they both can deal heavy damage. Twitch doesn't need that much help to make a play, but help from Pyke can take him from annoying to terrifying. What's worse, being poisoned or drowned?

Photos courtesy of Riot Games