In addition to the new ​Moira and ​Genji voice lines added in Overwatch Anniversary, ​Magician Symmetra got three new voice lines including two final blow voice lines and one when placing a turret. All three lines are of course magician themed and add to what was already an excellent skin. 

The first new voice line features Symmetra saying presto as she finishes off an enemy. 

​​She can also say just a bunch of hocus-pocus as an opponent explodes into dust. This one in particular is perfect because the enemy actually disappears as if they were just a bunch of hocus-pocus and nothing more. 

Symmetra says her final voice line when placing a turret. This time she says abracadabra, as if exclaiming how magical it is that something besides her is there too shoot at people too.

​​Symmettra was already an incredibly popular hero and the addition of these voice lines should maker her more satisfying to play. It will be interesting to see if any other heroes will be given magician skins because there could be some really cool interactions in game if Blizzard wanted to go in that direction. 

Photo courtesy of Blizzard