Overwatch hero Moira received a few new voice line interactions in a May 22 update, including an interaction that leaves Mei in tears by the end of it.

When a Moira and Mei are on the same team, Moira strikes up a conversation with Mei and expresses her interest in research. "Dr. Zhou, I am interested in your colleague’s research into the long-term effects of cryogenic freezing," Moira said. 

"Oh, wow... yes... I’m sure… maybe..." Mei's voice trailed off before sniffling and crying as she remembers her colleagues are all dead.

Mei's backstory was animated in the ​"Rise and Shine" short, which showed Mei waking up from her cryogenic slumber to find out years had passed and her colleagues died beside her. Moira seemed genuinely interested in Mei's work but appeared to be unaware of what happened to Mei. It is unclear if they ever met in lore, as Moira's operations revolved around Blackwatch and Overwatch while Mei was stationed in parts of Asia and ultimately Antarctica. 

The newest voice lines to go live in Overwatch range from ​Moira's Futurama reference to a ​Genji meme immortalized in the game. ​Lúcio also received new voice line interactions with Mercy that expanded upon his own lore.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard