​​The new CEO of Team Dignitas announced on Tuesday that the organization was considering returning to the League of Legends scene. Instead of the NA LCS, though, the team is looking at buying in to the ​franchising EU LCS for the 2019 season. Now's a good time to look back at one of the founding teams in the League of Legends pro scene, and how it went extinct.

The Dignitas organization was founded in 2003, but the League of Legends roster didn't come together until 2011. The team acquired another old team's, Rock Solid, players, including William "scarra" Li, Joedat "Voyboy" Esfahani, and Michael "Imaqtpie" Santana. The new team impressed prior to Season 2 by placing first at IGN Pro League 3. It was a magical time when Riot Games didn't have a monopoly on all League of Legends tournaments and AP Master Yi was a glint in David "Phreak" Turley's eye. 

Christian "IWDominate" Rivera joined the team for Season 2, with Voyboy leaving for Counter Logic Gaming in the middle. The team performed relatively well in various tournaments, and placed second at MLG 2012 Summer Championship, beating out Team SoloMid. 

This championship was decided by playing ARAM for the first game. As stated previously, it was a different time. Dignitas did make it to Worlds Season 2, but placed last.

Even though Dignitas performed miserably at Worlds, the team's presence there seeded it into the third season of the NA LCS. It went 16-5 in its first 25 games and managed to get to the spring playoffs, before immediately losing again. Still, the team managed to secure a spot in the 2014 season. Scarra moved to a coaching position and Danny "Shiphtur" Le joined the middle lane. After a mediocre season, scarra and imaqtpie left the team. They were the last members of the original team.

Next year did not improve for Dignitas. It placed ninth and sixth in the spring and summer split respectively. In 2016, Dignitas had to sell its European division to stay afloat. Ram "Brokenshard" Djemal transferred from the sinking ship to be head coach and brought Lennart "Smittyj" Warkus with him. Apollo "Apollo" Price also joined as an AD Carry. 

Things fell apart quickly, though, as Smittyj was removed from the starting position because of "behavioral issues." The team only won two games and placed tenth in the spring, its worst split ever. Dignitas became the first of three original NA LCS invitee teams to be relegated from the LCS after another miserable split.

Dignitas was then acquired by Philadelphia 76ers and made some more major shifts, before ultimately ​failing to secure a slot in the franchising NA LCS 2018 season.

Many of Dignitas' former players, such as scarra, remain relevant in the managerial side of the League scene. Plenty of its alumni still play on other teams, like SmittyJ and Apollo for example. Dignitas was a staple of League of Legends history and many of its players are considered fan favorites. The team could have one more shot in the EU LCS to preserve its legacy.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games