Small lore updates came in the form of voice line interactions in ​Overwatch's Anniversary event patch. Symmetra received a few new voice line interactions ​with Lúcio and Doomfist that further confirmed the idea that Symmetra has no idea what her employer, the Vishkar Corporation, is actually doing behind the scenes.

Before starting a match in Overwatch, an ally Doomfist will bring up the idea of working with Symmetra in Talon, but she promptly declines the offer. "Vishkar strives for order, you are the embodiment of chaos," she said. 

Talon, Doomfist's organization, is ​no stranger to the world of Overwatch. The terrorist organization was the ​antagonist for the Retribution event. It is no surprise Symmetra, who strives to engineer a perfect society, is against an organization that causes chaos. The ironic part about their interaction is Symmetra's obliviousness to the fact that her colleague, Sanjay Korpal, is a member of Talon's inner council. 

Sanjay was first introduced in​ "A Better World," a comic that focused on Symmetra. He acted as her mission supervisor and ordered her to find dirt on the owners of the Calado company in Rio de Janeiro, but Symmetra came up empty handed. Sanjay accepted her report, and moments later the Calado headquarters were blown up in what appeared to be a freak explosion. When she asked him if he was behind the explosion, Sanjay avoided the question, strengthening her doubts on the corporation. She is seen reminding herself Vishkar is making the world a better place, but had a troubled look on her face.

The doubts she had following the Calado explosion, however, were not strong enough for Symmetra to leave Vishkar behind. Symmetra forced any negative thoughts on Vishkar far from her mind.

Sanjay was later seen in a Talon meeting during Moira's origin story, which Symmetra is still unaware of.

Vishkar began creating self-sustaining cities in India following the Omnic Crisis and tried to do the same in Rio de Janeiro but was driven out by Lúcio. The any-means-necessary approach Vishkar took by blowing up Calado's building, and Sanjay's position in Talon, hints at the company's corruption and unknown motives. 

Sadly, Symmetra is unaware of this and continues to work and advocate for Vishkar. Only time, or Blizzard, will tell until Symmetra is forced to face the truth about her employers.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard