The conflict in the Overwatch universe is not limited to the ​fight between Overwatch and Talon, but the struggle between omnics and those who oppose them. ​Anti-omnic sentiments are shown in-game, ​seen with King's Row map, and can be heard in voice lines from heroes such as Torbjörn and Zarya. 

But new voice line interactions between Torbjörn and Bastion show Torbjörn has, for lack of better words, adopted and even taken a liking to Bastion.

An interaction between Zenyatta and Torbjörn suggests Torbjörn is looking out for Bastion. "I hear you have taken in an omnic, Torbjörn," Zenyatta said. Torbjörn does not deny it and instead tells Zenyatta he "doesn't like to talk about it."

Additionally, a new interaction between Bastion and Torbjörn shows Torbjörn asking about Bastion's well-being. "Bastion, I bet you haven't had a systems check in years. Who knows what kind of weird behaviors you've picked up?" Bation responds with a whirring noise that suggests its agreement.

The horrors Bastion robots took part in the Omnic Crisis were seen in the animated short "The Last Bastion," when Bastion first wakes up. The Bastion comic, "Binary," showed the public's reaction to seeing a Bastion unit once again when the Bastion Overwatch players know makes its way near a village. Torbjörn first encounters Bastion in the comic and allows it to tag along, though he isn't pleased about it, but the pair's only in-game interactions consisted of Torbjörn expressing his hatred for working with a "tin-can" and Bastion sadly beeping in response.

The progression from hatred to willingly taking care of Bastion shows a possible decline in Torbjörn's anti-omnic feelings. Even though he is reluctant to talk about this development with Zenyatta, and most likely other people who might ask about his new omnic friend, Torbjörn suggests giving Bastion a check-up on his own. This is a huge leap from the Torbjörn fans once knew.

Other hero interactions, recently revealed through the Overwatch Anniversary event, hinted at ​new information in Lúcio's lore and also showed ​Moira bringing Mei to tears.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard