Dong-jun "Rascal" Kim, formerly of the Dallas Fuel and London Spitfire, was spotted with Overwatch Contenders team Team Seven Master.

​​While the tweet reads that he was just a guest visiting the team for lunch, that doesn't exclude the possibility of him joining. Team Seven Master is one of the top teams in the ​Contenders League and having a strong DPS like Rascal could make them even greater.

Rascal ​has expressed interest in joining the Overwatch League again. His rough exit with the Dallas Fuel does leave his commitment up to question. It also leaves his attraction to a team up to question.

According to the Dallas Fuel, he was unwilling to communicate with the team during matches and seemed uncommitted to their team. His failure to stay on the team does hurt his credentials as a pro player.

Rascal is considered one of the top DPS in the game, having perhaps the biggest hero pool. If he can communicate, his supposed next team could be unstoppable in the next ​Contenders League.

Photos Courtesy of Blizzard