Michael Chu, Blizzard's lead writer for Overwatch, confirmed that the "Tekhartha" portion in Zenyatta's full name is in fact a title/honorific


This confirmation came out during a discussion on the Overwatch forum. The community was discussing the connection between Mondatta and Zenyatta, both leaders in the Omnic Shambali community. Mondatta in the lore ​was assassinated by Widowmaker at King's Row.

The two of them both has the name "Tekhartha" and it seems now to be some title given to the leaders of Shambali. The exact meaning of the title hasn't been confirmed, but it would make sense for that to be its meaning.

This also confirms that the two of them are not directly related in some form. After many theories on Zenyatta perhaps being Mondatta's son, it is nice to get some clarity.

Michael Chu has done ​lore confirmations before and this one is no different. It is always great to see such a dense lore furthered and to see players get into it. Fans hope Michael Chu continues this practice of ​leaking information for lore lovers to dive into.

Photos Courtesy of Blizzard