Reddit user posted their take on one of the latest Overwatch Anniversary Event skins and created a unique Magician Genji concept. 


The premise of the skin is inspired from the Magician Symmetra skin, taking top hat, suit top, and armored bottom, and placing them on the Genji model. The unique part about this skin is the transparent blue portion that was originally on Symmetra's left arm has replaced Genji's limbs. In doing so, it gives an ethereal look to it like no other skin made so far. 

The creator, Chattywindow's description of the skin reads, "Other magicians pull rabbits out of hats, but Symmetra conjures her own magical assistants to pull the rabbits out for her."

Charrywindow has another inspired creation for Ana and McCree, blending the Sherlock skin together. The magician theme that came with Symmetra for this Anniversary event has also sparked  inspiration from other art, such as Moira and Mercy. All of the positive feedback and amazing artwork from this skin line will hopefully, continue to expand.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment and Chattywindow